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Our goal at Creating a Sustainable You is to help you take care of your mind, body, soul, and to find complete balance in your life.

We want to do more than just help you relax. Our intention is to heal your body and teach you techniques that will help you manage anxiety, depression, or negative energy. That is why we offer a variety of services, from Massage Therapy to Reiki.

Massage Therapy

With endless attempts to try to “fix” your chronic pain it can begin to feel frustrating and hopeless. Instead of providing a band-aid fix, we are here to reevaluate the approaches you have tried and start looking at alternatives to get a deeper understanding of the problem and provide long-term solutions. Contact one of our Pain Management Specialists today to get help understanding what is causing your pain and learn how to fix it for good.

As a complete wellness center, we offer services in all areas of improving your well-being. This includes health, nutrition, and CBD topicals and creams. With everyone who walks in our doors, we consider the whole picture—mind, body, and spirit.


Stress is one of those things that always finds a way into our lives. Whether it’s caused by what is going on in the world, your job, people around you, or even that constant chatter in our heads reminding us of the endless to-do list. It can even be stressful thinking about how to reduce stress in our day-to-day lives. That is why we are here to help you gain a better understanding of the type of stress you may be experiencing and the different ways it’s affecting you and your wellbeing. Contact us today and let us put together a plan that teaches you how to reduce stress and live a happier, healthier life.

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As Chico’s complete wellness center, we offer a variety of solutions for a multitude of health and well-being issues. We offer everything from CBD, massage tools, essential oil products, ceremony kits and more. No matter what your goals are to help live a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life, one of our specially trained staff members can help assess your needs and direct you towards the path that suits you personally.

What Our Happy Clients Are Saying...

"The massage therapist at Creating a Sustainable You are amazing, I always feel relaxed and rejuvenated. They listen to where your problem areas are, asses the best massage techniques, and tell you how they are going to help your body...and they make you feel so much better. Thank you Creating A Sustainable You."

- Rebecca F. -

"I have tried multiple massage places in Chico but none have been as good as this place. I was referred by Dr. Jason and I am so thankful for the massage that I received. My therapist was Victoria and she explained me everything, asked me if I was comfortable and gave me a wonderful wonderful massage. I felt super light afterwards and I can't thank you enough for the same."

- Sakshi Gandi -

"In 2018, I underwent shoulder surgery and hip replacement surgery. After surgery I had difficulty walking and painful tingling in my arm. One month after surgery I begin weekly massages with Isaac along with physical therapy exercises. Within 2 months I was walking with no pain and the tingling in my arm was completely gone. The weekly massages greatly contributed to the healing process and also helped with the pain, stiffness, and muscle tightness. I would not have been so successful with these major surgeries without the professional care and support I have received from Creating A Sustainable You."

- Kristina R. - 

"This is just a tiny love letter to Creating a Sustainable You. After only 7 hours worth of massage treatments with Isasc over the course of a month, I was able to relieve my horrific pain. Isaac actually figured out what was wrong with my lower back before my Chiropractor did. (My chronically tight iliopsoas was the culprit, not piriformis syndrome.) Whether you are struggling with chronic or acute pain, please visit Creating a Sustainable You. The folks here know what they're doing, and they're happy to help."

- Kirsten Taylor-Klink - 

"The place is very clean and welcoming and the staff are very friendly! The massage therapist I had Kayla was very good and kind. They also offered “cupping” with the massage (for no additional charge!) which was new to me but I found it helpful for relief of muscle pain. I will definitely be going back!"

- Rob Ritter - 

Creating a Sustainable You is a great company who cares about the whole person. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. They do a great job at addressing what is giving the most problems. I have been working with Kayla and she has continued to address issues with my ankle and migraines in a very compassionate and knowledgeable way. Kayla goes above and beyond of what is asked of a masseuse. She make sure that the body is aligned with the spirit after every session and also has given outside resources to help with the physical problems I have been having. Creating a Sustainable You offers multiple services and Kayla has incorporated a few of them in our sessions - it's great to know someone takes their job as seriously as Kayla, especially when it comes to helping me feel my optimal self. I would definitely suggest Creating a Sustainable You and suggest Kayla if you plan to get a massage."

- Justin Shupe- 

"Kayla at Creating A Sustainable You provides an exceptional deep tissue massage. She listens to her client and is attentive to their needs. I felt completely relaxed in her presence and would recommend her as a therapist to someone who may be hurting from an injury or just in need of a great massage!"

- Bonny B. - 

"Rachel is able to do Deep tissue massages which is great because that is what I need. I plan on going back again."

- Antionette W. - 

"I went for the first time today and had a two hour massage with Issac. When I came it, the receptionist was super kind and helpful with getting me checked in. I filled out the paperwork since it was my first visit, and then Issac took me back. We talked about my goals for the session and got started. The entire time he kept checking in on me, making sure the pressure was okay, reminding me to take deep breaths. If I ever needed more or less pressure he obliged. He made sure I was comfortable the entire time and even made sure to explain certain pressure points or work areas at times. After our session, he showed me some exercises I could do at home as well. I booked another appointment with him while I was checking out. This was hands down the best massage I have ever had."

- Katie H. - 

"I love this place. Everyone that works there is incredibly friendly and efficient, Isaac is the nicest and most effective massage therapist imaginable, and I am not going to need carpal tunnel surgery that the orthopedic surgeon told me I needed because of deep tissue massage, myofascial release massage. Highly highly recommend."

- Scott S. - 

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