Christa’s Signature Diffuser Blend 15ml


Essential oil blend with Mandarin, Ginger, Frankincense Serrata, Lavender, Lemon, Palo Santo and Vetiver. Great for grounding & de-stressing. You will often experiance the aroma of this blend when you visit Christa Dawson here at Creating A Sustainable You.

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Christa's  Diffuser Blend

Mandarin - Uplifting and helps reduce anxiety

Ginger - Creates a balanced and grounded feeling

Frankincense Serrata - Promotes peace, relaxation and overall wellness

Lavender - Helps with anxiety and depression as well as promotes relaxation

Lemon - Reduces depression/anxiety, improves mood and promotes relaxation

Palo Santo - Helps ease stress and cleanses the mind and body

Vetiver - Great for relaxing the nervous system, stress and anxiety