Hip Balance Mini-Series Intro

Hip Balance Mini-Series- Your hips drive your entire body. To live with ease, the hips must be balanced. In the Hip Balance Miniseries, Jeanette (C-IAYT) will systematically address all of the muscles and movements of the hips, helping you to improve your balance and mobility and reduce your pain. Jeanette applies her common-sense approach to movement (release, align, strengthen) to bring balance to your hips in a brief routine so you can move on with your day.

Hip balancing Mini-Series sessions #3-10 These videos take you through progressively more complex and challenging movements, starting with very basic (and often overlooked) movements of the hips. To put yourself through a complete hip rebalancing program, do each video 4-5 times before moving on to the next (spend about a week on each video). If there’s an exercise in a video that is still challenging to you after a week, carry it into your next week’s practice. The videos run about 30 minutes each. Feel free to use them as a short morning wake-up practice, or integrate them into your normal workout routine (for example, as a warmup for running).