Frequently Asked Questions


What are you doing for safety measures?

Before COVID-19 we have always had an extremely clean environment. We practiced regular sanitizing of door handles, door jams, light switches, hangers, clients surfaces in treatment rooms, bathroom surfaces and lobby surfaces. We have always had salt rocks in each room that purifies the air by drawing in moisture as well as antimicrobial essential oils that further purify the air. We have added touchless thermometers to take temperatures as clients arrive, intake questionnaires for COVID-19 related symptoms, all staff and clients are required to wear face masks, spacious seating in the lobby as well as more space in between appointments for less lobby traffic and time for cleaning. All the rooms are also now equipped with HEPA filters, optional massage cream with antibacterial and antiviral essential oil blends to add to your session if wanted.

Yoga FAQs

Do I need experience in yoga?

Nope! We are here to teach and support you whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi. In fact, we have a Certified Yoga Therapist on our staff who is experienced in working with people who have moderate to severe mobility limitations, injuries, chronic pain, and health issues. Whatever your goals, we can serve you.

I am not flexible - can I do yoga?

Yes! Absolutely everyone can benefit from yoga. Flexibility of your muscles is only one small part of a yoga practice. You’ll also be working on strength, range of motion, balance, concentration, and breathing. Your level of flexibility will likely improve as a result of your yoga practice, along with many other important aspects of your health. 

What if I can’t do a pose? Is yoga useful if I can’t do the poses fully?

Yoga is useful no matter how you do the poses. In fact, how your pose looks is the least important part of a yoga practice. What is important is how the pose feels. In yoga, you learn to pay attention to the subtle signals of your body, breath, and mind. These things will guide you to receiving the most benefit possible from your practice. When a pose isn’t working for you, there are countless customization options, and our creative staff is happy to help you make your yoga practice work for you.

What should I wear to yoga?

Something comfortable and movable!

What equipment do I need for my home practice?

To practice at home it is recommended you have a yoga mat, blanket and a block. If that is not accessible, a blanket can be a great option to use instead of a mat as well as a folded blanket in place of a block!

Massage FAQs

Do I have to get undressed?

Nope, your comfort is most important to your ability to relax and enjoy your appointment. Most clients dress down to under garments or nothing.  Our draping of the sheets and blanket keep you covered the entire session so that you will not be exposed.  However during certain sessions we may require you to leave on certain garments.

What are the benefits of massage?

As massage is a great relaxation tool it has lots of other benefits! Massage can benefit managing chronic pain, posture alignment, recovering from surgery, reduce stress both physical and mental, arthritis, migraines, increase mobility, reduce muscular tension and so much more!

Do you do Chair Massage?

Yes. Chair massages are offered by appointment. 

Do you travel?

As of right now we are not traveling to events or clients homes. We are doing everything at our office.

Reiki FAQs

Is Reiki a religion?

No…Although it is spiritual in nature in that it provides love and compassion to the client it doesn’t conflict with one’s spiritual beliefs and promotes physical and emotional healing. 

What can be treated with Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle technique that can be very beneficial in healing a variety of issues. Physical and emotional distress cause the flow of energy in the body to become blocked. Reiki helps return energy to a healthy flow state. Conditions that reiki has been used to help treat include anxiety, depression, chronic pain, heart disease,  fatigue syndrome, cancer and much more!

How does Reiki work?

In a reiki healing session the universal life force energy is channeled through the practitioner to the client. The client can be sitting or lying down in a relaxing setting and receive the ease and comfort reiki can provide. As every session can be a little different, the practitioner will place their hands in various positions on different parts of the body and use intuitions to guide the session.

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