Are you sick and tired of being in constant pain from your arthritis?

It has been said that an estimated 20% of American adults suffer from chronic pain from a variety of factors. Celluma can help fix that. It can help relieve your arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis pain in a safe and effective way, directly from the comfort and convenience of your very own home.


  • Utilizes near-infrared lights to help manage and eliminate pain due to arthritis
  • Utilizes near-inferred lights to target pain caused by inflammation, poor oxygen, and lack of essential molecules
  • LED light rays help to increase circulation, kill bacteria, accelerate tissue repair, kill acne-causing bacteria, decrease inflammation, and improve the skin’s texture, tone, and clarity.

Is Celluma for you?


You suffer from severe arthritis.

Unfortunately you are no stranger to severe pain from your arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. The inflamation of your joints can be unbearable.


You are always stiff and/or in pain.

Waking up stiff, sitting for long periods of time in agony, and not being able to move freely or comfortably are experiences you are far too familiar with.


Acne has always been a problem.

You have dealt with extreme acne your entire life and have tried everything from creams to prescriptions without any success.

How Does Celluma Work?


Tons of Medical Benefits

Using the near-infrared light has many medical benefits. Using this light therapy in particular is clinically proven to penetrate deep below the skin’s surface layer to target the joint and muscle pain. Since arthritis is the inflammation of a person’s joint this is great to help reduce/eliminate that pain in a non-invasive way. Living in pain is really tough and most solutions are medication with a bunch of side effects, but the celluma is a great way to help eliminate that pain with just 30 mins a day of LED treatment with no side effects!


Increases blood & Oxygen flow

Other pain can also be caused by lack of oxygen, poor circulation and other essential molecules like ATP in the blood vessels leading to lack of sensation and pain. By using the LED light therapy it stimulates the release of nitric oxide, this allows the blood vessel to expand allowing more blood, oxygen and nutrients to flow. With better flow from the near-infrared light therapy the body increases ATP production which activates the pain receiving pathways. This then leads to decrease in pain/inflammation and then increases tissue regeneration in the localized area. The Near-Infrared light therapy is the key factor. It goes much deeper than the blue light. With the much deeper penetration in gets deep into the muscles and joint tissues providing comprised cells with extra energy to then accelerate the natural repair of comprised tissue cells, foster cell production and restore homeostasis within the body.


Improves skin conditions

Finally, using the Red LED light therapy setting has shown to help improve the skin’s texture, tone, and clarity. The red net-infrared light kills acne-causing bacteria, accelerating tissue repair, increasing circulation, and boosting collagen production!

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Celluma is Full of Major Benefits


It's Extremely Safe

It is FDA approved and is safe on all skin types and even pets!


Use It Anywhere on Your Body

It is a small flexible device making it super easy and convent to use on any part of your body in need of healing. It is also easy to transport!


It's Quick & Efficient

The Celluma is great for its time efficiency and effective results. Each session is only 30 minutes long!


It Doesn't Hurt!

Non-invasive, pain-free, and no recovery time!


Improves Cellular Health

Uses specific wavelengths of light therapy to improve cellular health and help accelerate the repairing/replenishing of compromised cell tissues.


Multiple Uses!

Can be used for both medical and cosmetic purposes.

Why buy your Celluma from us?

Complete Support System

Our goal is to support you in your healing and wellbeing journey. We know how hard it is to be trapped in a body that hurts. We strive to have viable solutions to help our clients live full, pain free lives. We believe in the results the Celluma provides for arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis pain relief. Your quality of life matters to us.

Try It Before You Buy It

We offer rental units for you to experience the relief before you buy your home unit allowing you to know exactly what results are possible before you make the commit to purchase it.

Shop Local

We are local business serving our community and we appreciate your choice to support us. We have inventory on hand to save you shipping and delays on your home device today!

Purchase Your Home Unit Today!

Prefer to try it before you buy it? Rent a unit first!

What our customers say…

I have rheumatoid arthritis in both hips; I’ve tried acupuncture, massage and even cortisone shots. When Candi at Creating a Sustainable You, told me about the Celluma they sell for arthritis relief and healing I thought I would try it out. 3 weeks into renting it I found that it was no longer painful to get in and out of my car, on and off the couch and I even danced around my living room before realizing it wasn’t painful. The relief I am experiencing has brought tears to my eyes. I called the company to find out more about the Celluma, the representative said if I continued to use the Celluma regularly I would likely be pain free in 3 months. I love that I can support a local business by purchasing at Creating a Sustainable You and that I now have real pain relief from my rheumatoid arthritis that I will be able to use for years to come!

– B.F.

Client Testimonial


Have some questions?

How does LED light therapy work?

With high-intensity LEDs (light-emitting diodes) it helps to stimulate a natural biostimulatory effect in the human tissue. Similar to the way plants use there chlorophyll to convert sun to energy! Research proves the light rays accelerate tissue repair, increase circulation, decrease inflammation, kills bacteria including acne-causing bacteria, and improves skin texture and clarity. Here at Creating a Sustainable You, we offer the Celluma Lite and the LED Red bed!

What kinds of LED light therapy's do you offer?

Here at Creating a Sustainable You we offer the LED red bed which is a full body device that can help with minor muscle/joint aches and pains, pain/stiffness associated with arthritis and muscle spasms, minor chronic neck/shoulder pain of musculoskeletal origin, mild to moderate acne vulgaris and periorbital wrinkles and rhytides. We also offer The Celluma Pro which is a small device with blue and red infrared lights. They both offer the same healing properties however the Celluma is great for targeting certain areas and we sell them here so you can use it as an at-home treatment!

How long does an LED light therapy session last and how often should I do it?

The LED Red Bed is a 20 minute session and the Celluma Pro is a 30 minute session. Consistency is when you will see the best results and it is recommended to use it at least 2-3 times and week however you can use it everyday!

Does LED Light therapy us UV rays?

Nope, it does not use UV light. Celluma uses blue, red and near-infrared (not visible to the naked eye) light emitting diodes (LEDs) only!

Is there any preparation I need to take before a LED light Therapy session?

The celluma works best on clean skin. It is recommended to not have any makeup, lotion or skin products on because it interferes with the depth of LED light penetration.

Can anyone use LED light therapy?

It should not be used on children under 12 or a pregnant/breast feeding person.

Purchase Your Home Unit Today!

Prefer to try it before you buy it? Rent a unit first!

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